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WWII Era Soldier's Handbook FM 21-100

274 Pages
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First published in the summer of 1941 by the War Department and then revised in 1942, this Soldier's Handbook was standard issue for WWII enlistees and inductees. The Handbook's purpose was to "...give the newly enrolled member of the United States Army a convenient and compact source of information and thus to aid him in performing his duties more efficiently." Within its pages are chapters concerning group life including military obligations, discipline and courtesy, post and station activities, and more. The book also features a discussion of Army uniforms, insignia, the infantry pack and field equipment (including gas mask), as well as care and service of the standard issue U.S. rifle, Caliber .30, M1 and the M1911 automatic pistol. Later chapters include notes on marching, camping and bivouac, platoon and interior drill, the School of the Soldier without Arms (dismounted) and School of the Soldier with Arms (dismounted), as well as guard duty and security. Finally, the book includes information about rations, pay and allowances, sanitation, first aid -- and how to prepare a last will and testament.

This high quality reproduction was created from an original copy of the book, with great care taken to preserve the integrity of the text and illustrations.

274 pages, 6x9" format, softbound, black and white interior and full color covers.