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Vol. 2 - The Story of the Coast Guard

7 Movies
95 Minutes
$24.99 $19.95
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$24.99 $19.95
7 Movies 95 Minutes

Volume 2
Featured on this DVD are six rare and historic films, showing the United State Coast Guard in action in the period before, and during World War II. They include two films from the 1930s: "Cadet Cruise", which follows a goodwill trip to South America, and "Men of the Coast Guard" which showcases the search and rescue, and interdiction aspects of the service.

During WWII, the Coast Guard joined the U.S. Navy to fight the Axis. In "Story of a Transport", you'll join the crew of the USS Wakefield as they carry troops into combat. "The L.S.T. Story" tells a similar tale, centering around the Landing Ship Tank of the title. "Coast Guard Auxiliary" highlights the vital activities undertaken by civilian patrol boats during the war. The DVD concludes with a color film of the USCG at war, performing convoy duty and delivering troops to battle.

Color + B&W films. Run time: 120 minutes.

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Men of the Coast Guard
Landing Ship Tanks
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Coast Guard Auxiliary
Story of a Transport
Convoy Duty