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T17E1 Staghound Medium Armored Car TM9-741

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$19.95 $14.95
6x9" 374 Pages
TM 9-741 Staghound Medium Armored Car T17E1

The T17E1, better known as the Staghound, was an American armored car design produced during the Second World War. It never saw service with front line U.S. forces but was supplied, via the United Kingdom, to British and Commonwealth forces during the war. A number of countries used the Staghound after the war, with some of the vehicles continuing to serve into the 1980s. Production started in October 1942, and approximately 4,000 Staghounds were built in total. The Staghound was an innovative design that incorporated some cutting edge features. It had two rear-facing six-cylinder engines with automatic transmissions feeding through a transfer case to drive both axles. Either two-wheel or four-wheel drive could be selected. Also, either engine could be shut down while in motion and taken out of the drive train. Additionally, a power steering pump was incorporated that could be switched on or off manually from the driver's instrument panel depending on steering conditions. Steering and suspension components were directly attached to the hull as the structure was rigid enough to dispense with the need for a separate chassis. The Staghound first saw operational service in Italy, where many units found its large physical size too restrictive in the narrow roads and streets of Europe. It saw the most service at squadron and regimental headquarter level.