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The WWII Ordnance Soldier's Guide

126 Pages
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$15.95 $10.95
8x10" 126 Pages
The WWII Ordnance Soldier's Guide

Created during WWII, this Ordnance Soldier's Guide was standard issue to U.S. troops undergoing indoctrination at the Ordnance Replacement Training Center at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Created as a workbook for G.I. recruits, it presents a fascinating overview of the training given to the "New Ordnance Soldier". The book is full of practical tips drawn from actual battle experience and technical data from Army publications, and chock-full of illustrations. Although only 126 pages long, it's fairly encyclopedic in content, boldly presenting information on topics from ammunition to first aid, grenades to motor vehicle operation, ordnance materiel to uniform identification. Special chapters are dedicated to fire control instruments, vehicles, artillery and small arms. Some of the more novel entries include advice on how to shoot Nazi paratroopers (in the air _ while he's helpless), how to kill with your bare hands, and "Tips from an Old Top Kick" which offers advice about how to get along with British Tommies, and notes that hot water for shaving can be easily obtained from a truck radiator.

This book is a wonderful read for the re-enactor, historian, or anyone who ever wondered what it might have been like to go through the U.S. Army's basic training regimen circa 1943.