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The Last Bomb

5 Movies
110 Minutes
$24.99 $19.95
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$24.99 $19.95
5 Movies 110 Minutes

The atomic bomb was the most secret and expensive r&d program of WWII. The second-most expensive was the airplane that would carry it: the B-29. Nicknamed the Superfortress, the four-engine giant had formidable armament including machine guns that could be fired by remote control. It also had the advanced range of nearly 5,000 miles while carrying 2,000 pounds of bombs.

Featured on this DVD are five rare films from 1945. They include two instructional films made for the pilots and crew chiefs, and "Building the B-29" about the design and construction of this giant plane.

The DVD concludes with "The Last Bomb", a stunning COLOR profile of the 20th Air Force as it pummels Tokyo in the summer of 1945. The film includes footage of B-29s and their P-51 Mustang escorts. You'll also see the bombing campaign, and the island airfields at Tinian and Iwo Jima.

Color + B&W films. Run time: 110 minutes.



Building the B-29
Ground Handling Instructions for B-29
Bombing Tokyo
B-29 Flight Procedures
The Last Bomb