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The Coastal Command

2 Movies
75 Minutes
$24.99 $19.95
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$24.99 $19.95
2 Movies 75 Minutes

While air battles raged over the European continent, a different kind of war was fought over the Atlantic and North Sea by the aircraft of Britain's Coastal Command. Sunderland and Catalina flying boats conducted constant patrols against enemy surface raiders, submarines and aircraft.

Across the globe in the Pacific, Catalinas took on another role, flying nighttime bomb raids against Japanese shipping, harbors and shore installations. These "Black Cats" proved an effective, if unlikely, weapon.

Featured on this DVD is "The Coastal Command", a British documentary produced in 1942. Long out of release, the film is presented here on DVD for the first time.

Also included is "The Story of the Black Cats", showing courageous missions flown by PBY crews in the Pacific.

B&W films. Run time: 75 minutes.



Story of the Black Cats
The Coastal Command