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The Air Force Story

27 Movies
545 Minutes
$34.95 $24.94
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$34.95 $24.94
27 Movies 545 Minutes

A thrilling history of the nation's air arm, "The Air Force Story" chronicles the growth of the service from its humble beginnings, and contains rare combat footage from World War I and every major combat action of WWII.

Narrated by famed journalist and aviator Arthur Godfrey, the films feature the greatest names in military aviation from Arnold to Doolittle to Yeager, and planes from the Peashooter to the Superfortress.

Also included is a bonus feature "The Air Force Scrapbook", prepared for the 50th anniversary of flight. It's over nine hours of entertainment on three DVDs. This set represents the first time in decades that all twenty-six original chapters of this program have been available to the public!

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Chapt. 1
The Beginning
Chapt. 2
After The War
Chapt. 3
Struggle for Recognition
Chapt. 4
Between Two Wars
Chapt. 5
Air Power Advances
Chapt. 6
Preludeto War