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Space Shuttle Crew Escape Systems Handbook

175 Pages
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$20.95 $16.95
8x10" 168 Pages

Prepared for NASA by contractor United Space Alliance in 2005, this Space Shuttle Crew Escape System Handbook details the equipment, systems and procedures that would have been used in the event of an emergency during launch. Designed for use by astronauts, instructors and ground personnel, the text describes and explains the crew-worn equipment and orbiter hardware, emergency escape modes, and crew duties and responses during egress. It includes a discussion of the Advanced Crew Escape Suit (ACES), helmet, parachute and harness, and survival gear. It also details hatch opening procedures, the escape pole, slide system, Sky Genie, slidewire basket system, the Window 8 escape panel, special seat features, and more. A short supplement also provides information about Shuttle Transoceanic Aboard Landing sites. Richly illustrated with numerous diagrams and photos, this book provides fascinating insights into rarely discussed aspects of the Space Shuttle program and astronaut training.

8x10", softbound, full color covers and black and white interior.