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PT-19, PT-23 and PT-26 Pilot Manual

50 Pages
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$13.95 $9.95
8x10" 50 Pages

As late as 1940, the majority of Army Air Force trainees received flight lessons in biplanes such as the PT-17. The advent of high-performance combat aircraft led the USAAF to seek a new plane for primary training, that would better simulate a modern fighter aircraft. Fairchild's M62, a two-seat monoplane with a higher stalling speed that required careful flying, beat out 17 competitors for the job.

Designated PT-19, the rugged aircraft was produced in large quantities beginning in 1941. The basic model was equipped with a 200 hp Ranger engine, had a 36 'wingspan, and could achieve 132 mph in flight. Variants included the PT-19B designed for instrument training, the PT-23 which had a 220 hp Continental radial power-plant, and the PT-26 "Cornell" which featured an enclosed cockpit. By war's end PT-19s and variants were built by Fairchild, Aeronca, Howard, St. Louis Aircraft Corp. and Fleet Aircraft. The USAAF accepted over 6000 PT-19s and variants, and Cornells flew for
the air forces of Canada, Norway, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile and many other nations.

This pilot's flight handbook dates from 1943, and covers the PT-19, PT-19A, PT-19B, PT-23 and PT-26. Originally restricted, it was declassified long ago, and is reprinted here in its entirety.

50 pages, softbound, black and white interior with full color covers.