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Pearl Harbor to Midway

7 Movies
110 Minutes
$24.99 $19.95
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$24.99 $19.95
7 Movies 110 Minutes

The devastating sneak attack on Pearl Harbor crippled America's battleship fleet, but left the aircraft carriers untouched. Thus the burden of victory fell to the crews of the flattops.

USS Hornet led the charge, launching B-25s on a daring raid over Tokyo in April of 1942. In May, Yorktown and Lexington fought valiantly at Coral Sea, halting Japanese plans to assault Australia. Then in June, the Yorktown, Hornet and Enterprise achieved a stunning victory at Midway.

Featured on this DVD are rare films showing the Pacific campaign in 1941-42, including John Ford's "Battle of Midway" in full color. Also included is "Hook Down, Wheels Down". This account of carrier combat features interviews with Midway vets including Torpedo 8's sole survivor, George Gay.

Please note, some films are silent pictures with historic music soundtracks.

Color + B&W. Run time: 110 minutes.



Bombing of Pearl Harbor
US Navy Blasts Marshall Islands
Yanks Bomb Tokyo
Carrier X Fights for Life - Yorktown at Coral Sea
Battles of Midway and Coral Sea
Hook Down, Wheels Down