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P-3 Orion Pilot Manual

725 Pages
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$43.95 $36.95
8x10" 725 Pages


The U.S. Navy's front line, land-based maritime patrol aircraft, the Lockheed P-3 Orion is a highly capable anti-submarine warfare platform. Conceived as a replacement for the P-2 Neptune and P-5 Marlin, the P-3 first flew in 1961. It was loosely based on the design of the Lockheed L-188 Electra passenger aircraft. Equipped with four Allison T56 turboprop engines, the P-3 has the speed of a fast propeller-powered fighter and a range of nearly 2,400 nautical miles. It can remain on station at 1500 feet for three hours with a range of 1,300 nm. The aircraft typically carries a crew of three pilots, two naval flight officers, two flight engineers, three sensor operators and a technician. Armament typically includes up to 20,000 pounds of missiles including the AGM-84 Harpoon, AGM-84E SLAM, AGM-84H/K and AGM-65F Maverick.

The P-3 has provided reliable service to the U.S. and other navies including Germany, Japan, Canada, and South Korea. In addition to Cold War submarine tracking, its missions have included enforcing the blockade of Cuba during the 1962 crisis, coastal patrols in the Vietnam War, and targeting of Iraqi naval elements during the Gulf War. Over several decades of service, the P-3 has received several major updates, and more than forty variants have been developed. It is expected to remain in service for the U.S. Navy until at least 2013 when the P-8 Poseidon begins deployment.

This P-3 Orion pilot's manual was originally "restricted". It has been declassified and has now been reprinted in books form. 8x10", softbound, black and white interior with full color covers. Two volumes -- over 700 pages!