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Off Limits!

11 Movies
90 Minutes
$24.99 $19.95
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$24.99 $19.95
11 Movies 90 Minutes


Pilots fighting in the ready room. Flight crews starting jets with cigarette lighters. These hi-jinks might not be regulation, but they do appear in "Launch 'Em", an infamous Navy film shot aboard the carrier Hancock.

A short time after its release, "Launch 'Em" was banned by the brass. And it wasn't alone. "The Man From LOX, an ambitious safety film that went a bit too far, was pulled faster than you can say "this is also lox". "Private Snafu" and a whole series of WWII cartoons, were put on the scrap heap right after VJ Day.

They were gone, but not forgotten. Now, we've managed to assemble a collection of ten of the most legendary, most outrageous government-funded films and cartoons ever made.

Color and B&W films. Run time: 90 minutes

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Launch Em
The Man from LOX
Duck and Cover
Private Snafu
Air Force goes "Pop"
Military Film Bloopers