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Off Limits!

11 Movies
90 Minutes
$24.99 $19.95
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$24.99 $19.95
11 Movies 90 Minutes


Pilots fighting in the ready room. Flight crews starting jets with cigarette lighters. These hi-jinks might not be regulation, but they do appear in "Launch 'Em", an infamous Navy film shot aboard the carrier Hancock.

A short time after its release, "Launch 'Em" was banned by the brass. And it wasn't alone. "The Man From LOX, an ambitious safety film that went a bit too far, was pulled faster than you can say "this is also lox". "Private Snafu" and a whole series of WWII cartoons, were put on the scrap heap right after VJ Day.

They were gone, but not forgotten. Now, we've managed to assemble a collection of ten of the most legendary, most outrageous government-funded films and cartoons ever made.

Color and B&W films. Run time: 90 minutes



Launch Em
The Man from LOX
Duck and Cover
Private Snafu
Air Force goes "Pop"
Military Film Bloopers
US Navy Recruiting Cartoon
Koenig's Corner
Checking In
Captain Rich Retires
JFK Visits the Fleet