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Mysto Erector Set No. 1

42 Pages
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$13.95 $9.95
8.25x6" 42 Pages

Originally invented in 1911, the Erector construction toy was patented in 1913, and became one of the most important and beloved children's toys of the 20th Century. Originally manufactured by the Mysto Manufacturing Co., the sets achieved wider fame under the Meccano and A.C. Gilbert brands. Gilbert manufactured the sets until the 1960s when the company went bankrupt, but the Erector set continues to be produced in the present day by Meccano, a subsidiary of Nikko.

This Mysto Erector construction guide dates from the earliest era, approximately 1913-17, and shows some of the models one could build with the Mysto Company's No. 1 thru No. 8 building sets. Original copies of this booklet are impossible to find, in fact one recently sold on an internet auction site for over $500. This reproduction is over 35 pages long and has beautiful color covers. Although sightly reformatted, care has been taken to preserve the integrity of the text. This booklet is in the public domain; "Erector" and the "Erector Set" are trademarks of Meccano, S.A., all rights reserved.

42 pages, softbound, 8.25x6", full color covers and black and white interior