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Motorcyclist Handbook 1911

342 Pages
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$33.95 $29.95
8x10" 342 Pages
"It has been said, with truth, that an inherent love of things mechanical finds a more or less definitive place in the character of every Englishman..."

So begins The Motor Cyclist's Handbook, a wonderful text from 1911 that describes in detail the operation of early motorcycles. Created by Charles S. Lake, who wrote weekly columns in The Model Engineer magazine, the book was an instant classic. Today it is just as readable. Lavishly illustrated, the book includes chapters on the engine, including two-stroke and four cylinder, compression, carburetor, ignition, transmission, lubrication, accessories, and so on.

Some of the bikes featured include the Rudge, Triumph, Hudson, Indian, Scott, and others. It's a delightful trip back in time for any biker - from the collector to the weekend rider.

This easy-to-read reprint of this exceptionally rare book is presented in 8x10 format, sightly larger than the original. Care has been taken to preserve the integrity of the text.

342 pages, 8x10", black and white with full color covers.