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Mining: Hoisting

236 Pages
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8.5x11" 236 Pages
The technology of mining is the subject of this fascinating book, and two companion volumes, all of which were originally published in 1907.

Mining: Hoisting details the elevators, hoists and component machinery used to lift miners, supplies and ore. It contains over 200 pages of text, numerous illustrations and a set of examination questions for the mining sciences student. The book examines electric, steam and hand-powered hoists and explains the principles behind them in detail.

It also delves into the control and signaling systems used to ensure safe and reliable operation. This historic book has been reprinted in its entirety It's a treat for anyone who ever worked underground, or for anyone who ever wondered, 'How does that work?'

236 pages, softbound, 8.5x11, black and white with full color covers.