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14 Movies
90 Minutes
$24.99 $19.95
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$24.99 $19.95
14 Movies 90 Minutes

Twice in the 20th Century Germany's Kriegsmarine threatened England's dominance of the oceans. During WWI, Germany achieved victory at Jutland, but Germany still lost the war, in part because submarine warfare brought the USA into the conflict.

During WWII, U-boats decimated Allied shipping. The surface fleet however, could not defeat the Royal Navy.

Featured on this DVD are rare, captured newsreels rescued from a U.S. Navy archive. They contain fascinating footage of the Kriegsmarine in action. This includes an historic sound film featuring the cruiser Scharnhorst, as well as silent films with historic music soundtracks featuring U-boats, battleships, E-boats, the raider Graf Spee, and Germany's never-finished aircraft carrier, Graf Zeppelin.

Please note: Soundtracks and intertitles are in German.

B&W films. Run time: 82 minutes.



German Navy in WWI
Launching of the Bismarck
Warships on Patrol
British cripple the Graf Spree
Kriegsmarine Controls the Sea
Amphibious Assault on Norway
Fight for the English Channel
Destruction of an Alloyed Convoy
U-boats against the Enemy
E-Boats on Manuevers
U-Boats - The Pride
Hitler Honors U-Boat
U-boat Resupply at Sea
Hitler Reviews the Kriegsmarine
Bombing of Danzig