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Instruction Manual for Ford Trimotor Airplane

116 Pages
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$14.95 $9.95
6x9" 116 Pages
Instruction Manual for Ford Trimotor Airplane

First produced in 1925, the Ford Trimotor had an immediate impact on commercial aviation, enabling Transcontinental Air Transport to launch coast-to-coast service in the USA and helping Pan American Airways expand into Central and South America. Developed by William B. Stout, whose Stout Metal Airplane Company was acquired by Ford Motor Co. in 1924, the aircraft had three Wright radial engines and boasted all-metal construction. It could fly in both passenger and cargo configurations and was, for its time, both reliable and rugged. Its capacity however was limited, with Rapid advances in aviation led to the curtailment of production in 1933. By then 199 "Tin Gooses" had been produced. They would go on to fly with over 100 airlines worldwide, and in the service of the U.S. military and other air forces.

Originally entitled "Suggestions on the Operation of the Ford Trimotor", this flight manual dates to 1926. It provides a fascinating look inside the cockpit of one of history's most iconic aircraft.