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Gunners Mate Missile M3 & 2

520 Pages
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$39.95 $34.95
8x10" 520 Pages


With the introduction of guided missiles to the U.S. Navy, the Gunner's Mate Missile (GMM) rating was created. Tasked with operating, maintaining and repairing guided missile systems, the GMM had broad responsibilities. GMM training included two phases. GMM strikers studied for the Petty Officer 3rd Class rating (GMM3) and then advanced to 2nd Class (GMM2). From these candidates, some would be given additional training to obtain 1st Class (GMM1) or Chief Petty Officer (GMMC) ranks. This Gunner's Mate Missile M 2 & 3 manual was originally issued in 1972, when the Talos, Tartar and Terrier missile systems were in use. Chapter topics include an explanation of the Gunner's Mate (Missile) rating, how to hit a target from a moving ship, principles of missile flight and jet propulsion, missile guidance and control, launching systems, typical gun and missile systems, applications of servomechanisms, hydraulics and pneumatics, electrical devices, explosives / pyrotechnics and magazines, small arms and landing party equipment and demolition, general maintenance, common test equipment and troubleshooting, launcher checks and missile replenishment and servicing, and information input and output.