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Gunner's Mate Missile M1 & C

484 Pages
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$34.95 $29.95
8x10" 484 Pages

GunnerÕs Mate Missile M1 & C

With the introduction of guided missiles to the U.S. Navy, the Gunner's Mate Missile (GMM) rating was created. Tasked with operating, maintaining and repairing guided missile systems, the GMM had broad responsibilities. GMM training included two phases. GMM strikers studied for the Petty Officer 3rd Class rating (GMM3) and then advanced to 2nd Class (GMM2). From these candidates, some would be given additional training to obtain 1st Class (GMM1) or Chief Petty Officer (GMMC) ranks. This Gunner's Mate Missile M1 & C manual was originally issued in 1979, when the Terrier, Tartar and Seasparrow missile systems were in use. Chapter topics include missile handling, firing exercise preparation, loading / unloading and dud jettisoning, electricity and electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics, weapon surveillance and stowage, fire control and alignment, repair and test, and administration and supply. A set of tests is also included after the main text, part of the original U.S. Navy qualification program.