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Satisfaction Gurantee


At Periscope Film LLC, we want you to buy our products and be happy with that purchase. We're proud to offer a 14-day money back guarantee on everything we sell (except stock footage and photos). If you have a problem, simply write to us within 14 days of your receiving your items. If we cannot correct the issue to your satisfaction, we will be happy to take back the item and refund your money minus the original shipping cost.  We don't believe in handling fees or outrageous restocking charges -- that's not the American way.


combatcamera3.jpgWe verify and test every disc that goes through our production line, so while it is possible you could have gotten a bad DVD, it is unlikely.  We only dispose of one out of five thousand discs!  We've learned that, although on rare occasions a DVD can be defective, there are other causes for playback problems.  In most cases, the issue is related to the player and not the disc.  Before we get into that, though, check the disc thoroughly.  Does it have any scratches or visible debris on the underside?  If it does have debris, blow or wipe them off (being careful not to further scratch the disc) and try playing again.

Still not working?  Well, you should know that DVDs from Periscope Film are a special type, known as a "DVD-R".  These discs are not always compatible with older DVD players or those equipped with first-generation software.  What makes an "older" player you ask?  Well, even if your player is only about two years old, it may not have software on-board that will play the disc properly.  You should take a look at your DVD player owner's manual, and see if it *specifically* says that it plays DVD-Rs.  If it does not indicate it plays this format, then replacing the disc will not result in any improvement.

One way to test whether the playback issue is related to your machine, is to play the disc on a friend or neighbor's machine, and see if the disc has the same problem in the same place.  Again, you'd want to check their machine's specs and see if it plays DVD-Rs before testing.

Another method of troubleshooting this is to play the disc on a computer with a DVD drive, as these are typically compatible.

The good news is that you can purchase a player capable of playing DVD-R discs for about $35 at a Radio Shack.


Sometimes customers contact us regarding the print quality of the book they've ordered.  We're the first to admit, the quality of some of our products does vary.  One of the reasons for this, is that the original documents are sometimes very rare antiques which had printing problems when they were first produced.  In other cases, we've had to restore a book using various versions of it, to make one usable text.  Another situation we encounter, is that some of the original books we've reproduced, are small.  Fighter aircraft manual originals are often only about 5x7" in size, so that they can be carried in the cockpit of the aircraft.  When we enlarge the books to 8.5x11", we do so with the knowledge that it will affect the readability of the book.  In our view, however, it is worth doing because in some ways the larger text, while blurry, is more easy to read than the tiny original.

In all instances, we've done what we can to produce a high quality book that you'll be happy to put on your shelf.


If you would like to return your products to us for a refund, please CONTACT US first by emailing us at contact(at)periscopefilm.com    You must do this first; we do not accept returns without an authorization.

Our mailing address is:

Periscope Film LLC
PO Box 341474
Los Angeles, CA 90034