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Guadalcanal & Tarawa

6 Movies
105 Minutes
$24.99 $19.95
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$24.99 $19.95
6 Movies 105 Minutes

In August of 1942, forces under the command of Marine Major General Alexander Vandegrift made an amphibious landing on Guadalcanal, a 2500 square mile island in the southern Solomons. The landings were the beginning of a battle that raged for six months. The Allied victory there proved a major turning point: after "the Canal" (as it was often referred to), the Japanese army remained continuously on the defensive.

Featured on this DVD are six rare films about the Guadalcanal campaign, and the battles that raged in its aftermath. They include "With the Marines at Tarawa", a full COLOR film containing images of heroism and death, that shocked the American public upon its release in 1943. Also included is "The Battle for New Britain", profiling the attacks, known as Operation Cartwheel, that effectively neutralized the Japanese naval base at Rabaul.

Color and b&w films. Run time: 105 minutes.



tarawa in the Pacific
Action at Anguar
The 957th Day
The Admiralty Islands
The Marianas Isands: Guam
Advance Base