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Fairmont M-19 Motor Car

58 Pages
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8x10" 58 Pages

The Fairmont Motor Car owes its existence to a tired railway section hand named Fred Mahlman Sr. Exhausted by daily trips using a handcar, Mahlman decided there must be a better way. He contacted a local machine shop and inquired about buying a two h.p. motor, and attempted to rig it on his handcar. His initial attempt failed, but he didn't give up on the concept. Eventually, he hired the machine shop to construct a purpose-built motorcar. The result was so successful that Mahlmann decided to write up a report on his car, and send it to all the major railroads in the United States. Within a very short time the Fairmont Machine Shop was overwhelmed with orders, and a business was born. The new Fairmont Railway Motors, Inc. enjoyed steady years of growth and became the industry standard for inspection cars, gang cars, and other railway utility vehicles. The company is now part of Harsco Rail, a division of Harsco Corporation, who owns the Fairmont name and copyrights.

This 1935 Fairmont Inspection Car handbook is for the classic M19. It features instructions on how to operate this vehicle, a parts list, and more. 8x10, black and white interior, full color covers, 58 pages softbound.