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F6F Hellcat Pilot Manual

73 Pages
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$19.95 $11.95
8x10" 73 Pages
The most successful naval fighter aircraft in history, the Grumman F6F Hellcat accounted for nearly 5200 kills during WWII. The Hellcat featured self-sealing fuel tanks, a bullet- resistant windscreen, and hydraulically-operated landing gear.

The plane was rugged, and carried over 200 pounds of armor. Despite this, it was highly maneuverable and fast, thanks to a 2000 hp engine.

Nearly 12,300 F6Fs were made during the war. They first saw action during the Tarawa invasion, and subsequently flew in every battle of the Pacific campaign. Hellcats accounted for nearly 75% of all aircraft kills in the Pacific.

Originally created by the U.S. Navy, this flight operating manual taught pilot's everything they needed to know before entering the cockpit. It's a wonderful guide to one of history's great planes.

73 pages, 8x10", softbound, b&w with color covers.