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F-14 Tomcat Pilot Manual

720 Pages
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$69.95 $58.95
8x10" 720 Pages


Developed as both an air superiority fighter and a long-range naval interceptor, Grumman s F-14 Tomcat was the U.S. Navy s primary fighter from 1974 until 2006. Over 700 were built. The F-14 flew its first combat missions shortly after its initial deployment in late 1974, flying in support of the American withdrawal from Saigon. In 1981 it drew first blood, as two F-14s from VF-41 downed two Libyan Su-22s.

The Tomcat compiled a notable combat record for the United States in both Gulf Wars and NATO actions in Bosnia. Planes sold to the Shah of Iran prior to his ouster remain the last F-14s in active service, as the U.S. Navy retired it in October 2006. This F-14 pilot s flight operating handbook was originally produced by the U.S. Navy. It has been slightly reformatted but is reproduced here in its entirety. It provides a fascinating view inside the cockpit of one of history s great planes.

8x10" softbound, in two volumes, black and white interior and full color covers. Runs over 700 pages!

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