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Erector Hudson Locomotive

40 Pages
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$10.95 $8.95
8.25x6" 40 Pages

A.C. Gilbert marketed his first construction set under the name "Erector" in 1913. The innovative toy became extremely popular. In 1931, the company released a set featuring over a hundred new engineering parts. "Set A" and its sister sets #8, #9 and #10 allowed the construction of a New York Central Hudson Locomotive and Tender. This static model could be outfitted with an electric motor capable of operating the driving wheels and valves. A much-desired toy in its day, the set eluded all but the luckiest children. Today it remains rare and highly collectible.

This reproduction of the original instruction book from Set A was originally printed in 1931. It shows all the Hudson's parts, and has complete assembly instructions for it and twelve other engine-type models.

Softbound, 8.25x6", 40 pages, black and white interior and full color covers.

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