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Locomotive Engineman's Manual

472 Pages
$43.95 $36.95
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$43.95 $36.95
8x10" 472 Pages
Originally printed in 1919, The Engineman's Manual was intended to be used in the instruction of locomotive engineers, firemen, and railroad mechanics. It features dozens of chapters concerning every aspect of the steam locomotive power plant and control systems, including the air brakes.

Complete with detailed examination questions and answers, The Engineman's Manual remains one of the most complete books ever written about the working components of the railroad steam engine.

This high quality reprint includes all of the original text, nearly 500 pages worth, in an easy-to-read 8.5x11 format. It's a must-have for any fan, of the age of steam!

472 pages, 8x10, black and white interior, color covers, softbound.