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Dixon & Son Fire Fighting Equipment Catalog 1930

170 Pages
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$17.95 $12.95
6x9" 170 Pages

Dixon & Son Fire Fighting Equipment Catalog -1930-: Consisting of hose, hose appliances, helmets and clothing, gongs, whistles, fire engines, breathing appliances, etc

S. Dixon & Son, Limited was one of the United Kingdom’s most prominent suppliers of firefighting equipment. Originally founded in 1730 by Sam Dixon in Wolverhampton, England, Dixon’s original focus was the brass and tube trade. The company later moved to Swinegate. Beginning about 1825 it had a rare distinction, in that it was owned and managed by a woman — Mrs. Sarah Dixon.  
This Dixon Catalog dates to the period 1929-1930 and features the company’s full line of equipment. This includes hose, hose couplings and appliances, fire valves and standpipes, hydrants and surface boxes, water piping, fireman’s tools and clothing, hand lamps, gongs, bells, whistles and fire alarms, hand extinguishers and buckets, carts, ladders and escapes, fire boat fittings and breathing appliances. It also features three fire engines made by Dennis Brothers, Ltd.
A fascinating look at cutting-edge fire fighting apparatus from the early 20th Century, this catalog is a wonderful resource for the museum docent, historian, collector or anyone who ever wondered “what was it like back then?”