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Command of the Seas

5 Movies
81 Minutes
$24.99 $19.95
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$24.99 $19.95
5 Movies 81 Minutes

Made in 1952, "Command of the Seas" is a series of four, full color films that document America's post-WWII Navy. Intended to promote the important role the fleet could play in Cold War conflicts (such as the recently-stalemated Korean War), the films showcase an era of growth and expansion. As new, nuclear powered submarines and angled deck aircraft carriers take to the seas, helicopters, missiles, rockets and jet fighters take to the skies.

Also included on this DVD, "Report of the Navy", is a 1954 color film that highlights Korean operations and reveals new aircraft including the Sea Dart, Skyray, Cutlass, and Skyrocket.

Films are in full color, run time approximately 80 minutes.

Digitally remastered and restored from original movie prints. Please note: because of the age and rarity of these films, image and sound quality may vary.

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Report of the Navy