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Battle for North Africa

4 Movies
140 Minutes
$24.99 $19.95
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$24.99 $19.95
4 Movies 140 Minutes

From September of 1940 until May of 1943, Allied and Axis armies clashed in the deserts of North Africa. Hitler's Afrika Korps, led by the masterful Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, achieved initial success but could not defeat the dogged British forces under Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery.

With the arrival of American forces under Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower in late 1942, the tide began to turn, with German forces caught in a pincer. Eventually an army of 275,000 Axis troops surrendered in Tunisia, one of the most stunning defeats of the war and a major turning point.

Featured on this DVD are four rare films about the desert campaign. They include War on Wheels shot at the desert proving grounds in California and Arizona, the epics Desert Victory showing the British Eighth Army in action, and The Battle for North Africa which covers the campaign.

B&W Films. Over 2 hours and 20 minutes!



The Battle of
North Africa - Part I
The Battle of
North Africa - Part II
Desert Victory
War on Wheels