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Baldwin Narrow Gauge Catalog 1877

45 Pages
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$13.95 $10.46
8x10" 45 Pages
Founded in the 1830's, the Baldwin Locomotive Works rapidly became America's premier builder of steam engines for railway use. In the aftermath of the Civil War, a new standard emerged on the railroads of 4' 8.5". Yet this gauge proved prohibitively expensive in mountainous regions and for mining operations.

Thus, a narrow gauge standard was developed of three feet or, in Canada, three and one-half feet.

This catalog, which dates from 1877, shows Baldwin's full line of narrow gauge products, and includes technical specifications and other data. This version of the book has been slightly enlarged and reformatted for readability, but care has been taken to preserve the integrity of the text.

45 pages, 8x10", b&w interior with color soft covers.