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Baldwin Diesel-Electric Locomotives

38 Pages
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$10.95 $9.86
5x8" 38 Pages

For almost a century, The Baldwin Locomotive Works was the world's premiere builder of steam locomotives. The years after WWII saw the company founder, as wartime production restrictions and poor planning delayed the company's entry into the diesel market. Baldwin eventually did produce a number of diesel locomotives, including transfer and cab units and the four-axle 750 and 1,000 hp switchers and road switchers profiled in this booklet. By 1956, the company could no longer compete with its rivals, and it stopped producing locomotives altogether. Its dissolution was a sad end for a once-mighty company, and symbolized the end of the steam era.

Originally published by Baldwin in 1949, this historic operator's manual was standard issue for the engineers operating four-axle 750 and 1,000 hp switchers and road switchers. Within its pages you 'll find information about the engine's fuel oil, air, and electrical systems as well as basic operating information and troubleshooting procedures.

5x8", 38 pages, full color cover, black and white interior, softbound.