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Aircraft - WWI & WWII

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  • This Is It!

    4 Movies 110 Minutes This action-packed DVD features four amazing and historic films, originally produced for the pilots who flew U.S. Navy and Army Air Forces planes during WWII. It includes the legendary "This Is It!", a...

    $24.99 $19.95

  • Color

    4 Movies 86 Minutes William Wyler's documentary "The Memphis Belle" is perhaps the most famous film to emerge from WWII. Wyler and Ed Steichen's "Thunderbolt!", a portrait of the P-47 and the men who flew it, is every bit...

    $24.99 $19.95

  • V-1 Buzz Bomb Manual

    8.5x11" 235 Pages The Fieseler Fi-103, also known as the V-1 "buzz bomb", struck terror into British and Dutch civilians during WWII. Powered by a pulse jet engine, it could achieve speeds up to nearly 400 mph, and was...

    $28.95 $21.95

  • Color & B&W

    6 Movies 120 Minutes Volume 1The Story of the Coast Guard is one of proud service in peace and at war. Featured on this DVD are six rare films dating as far back as 1935 showing great moments in the history of the 'First...

    $24.99 $19.95

  • WWII USAAF Pilot Handbook

    8.5x11" 272 Pages Originally printed in 1943, this Pilots' Information File was standard issue for the men of the U.S. Army Air Forces during WWII. In its pages you will find a wide-ranging discussion of aviation...

    $33.95 $26.95

  • XF-11 Pilot Manual

    8x10" 112 Pages The XF-11 was originally conceived as a dedicated reconnaissance aircraft, capable of high-speed penetration of enemy defenses. The plane's design benefited from research work by its builder, the...

    $20.95 $13.95