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Aircraft - WWI & WWII

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  • F6F Hellcat Pilot Manual

    8x10" 73 Pages The most successful naval fighter aircraft in history, the Grumman F6F Hellcat accounted for nearly 5200 kills during WWII. The Hellcat featured self-sealing fuel tanks, a bullet- resistant windscreen,...

    $19.95 $11.95

  • F4U-4 Corsair Pilot Manual

    8x10" 74 Pages One of the most storied aircraft of WWII, the Vought F4U-4 Corsair was the first single engine production aircraft capable of 400 mph in level flight. With its gull wing and giant 18-cylinder double wasp...

    $20.95 $13.95

  • Messerschmitt BF-109E Pilot Manual

    8.5x11" 126 Pages Designed by famed engineer Willy Messerschmitt, the BF 109 scored more kills than any other aircraft in WWII. It flew as a fighter, bomber escort, interceptor, ground attack platform, and recon...

    $23.95 $16.95

  • B-29 Superfortress Pilot Manual

    8x10" 98 Pages The Boeing B-29 was one of the most sophisticated aircraft of WWII. It featured many innovations including guns that could be fired by remote control and pressurized crew compartments. It was also the...

    $18.95 $14.95

  • B-25 Mitchell Bomber Pilot Manual

    8.5x11" 180 Pages In April of 1942, sixteen American bombers raided Tokyo, Japan. The planes were land-based B-25 Mitchells, audaciously launched from the aircraft carrier USS Hornet, and led by Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle...

    $28.95 $21.95

  • B-24 Liberator Pilot Manual

    8x10" 156 Pages The Consolidated B-24 Liberator first saw combat in June of 1942, making a daring raid into Nazi-occupied Romania to bomb the oil fields at Ploesti. Nearly 18,500 Liberators were built during the war...

    $23.95 $16.95

  • B-17 Bomber Pilot Manual

    8x10" 175 Pages The Boeing B-17 was the first mass-produced, four-engine heavy bomber. Used throughout World War II for strategic bombing, the plane earned a reputation for its toughness and versatility. Carrying a crew of...

    $24.95 $16.95

  • A-26 Invader Pilot Manual

    8x10" 150 Pages One of the only aircraft to fly and fight in three wars: World War II, Korea and Vietnam - the Douglas A-26 Invader earned a reputation for its durability under fire.First flown in 1942, the Invader...

    $20.95 $13.95