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M53 155mm Self Propelled Assault Gun FM6-93

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$17.95 $12.95
6x9" 156 Pages
155-mm Assault Gun M53 and 8-inch Howitzer M55, Self Propelled

The 155mm assault gun M53 was developed with components taken from M47 Patton medium tanks during the Cold War. The M53, with its 155 mm primary gun, delivered long range support to allied positions, and its self-propelled design enabled it to travel great distances. The M53 eventually saw action with both the United States Army and Marine Corps. Pacific Car & Foundry Company was responsible for assembly. Beginning in 1956, the United States Army upgraded its M53 line to the M55. The M55 was a fully armored self-propelled artillery based on the M53 155mm assault gun. It had a 203.2 mm howitzer which could traverse 30