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Cold War Korea, & Vietnam

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  • U.S. Navy SEAL / UDT Handbook

    8x10" 228 Pages Note: this product ships after October 24, 2011. The U.S. Navy's principal Special Operations force, the SEALs (SEa, Air, Land) represents an elite force that, through its distinguished service, has...

    $21.95 $19.95

  • UH-1 Iroquois Pilot Manual

    8x10" 454 Pages Developed by Bell in the early 1950s, the UH-1 Iroquois was the first turbine-powered helicopter to enter production for the U.S. military. Originally designated the HU-1A for "Helicopter Utility", it...

    $39.95 $34.95

  • UH-60 Black Hawk Pilot Manual

    8x10" 586 Pages Developed to replace the UH-1 Iroquis,Sikorsky's UH-60 Black Hawk first entered service in 1979. A four-blade, twin-engine, medium-lift utility helicopter, the UH-60 serves as the U.S. Army's primary...

    $49.95 $44.95

  • USAF Flight Test Engineering

    8.5x11" 474 Pages In the late 1940's and early 50's, planes flew higher and faster than anyone dreamed possible. The jet age had arrived, and along with it came turbojet and rocket-powered aircraft capable of flying...

    $53.95 $46.95

  • X-15 Rocket Plane Pilot Manual

    8x10" 194 Pages The X-15 rocket plane flew at Mach 6.72 and at altitudes above 67 miles -- at the threshold of space! The men who flew this amazing plane became the USAF's first astronauts. Powered by an XLR-99 engine...

    $25.95 $18.95

  • X-1A Rocket Plane Pilot Manual

    8.5x11" 45 Pages An improvement over the Bell X-1 -- the first plane to break the sound barrier in level flight -- the X-1A was designed to reach Mach 2.0. Initial test flights commenced in January of 1953. On December...

    $18.95 $11.95

  • X-3 Stiletto Pilot Manual

    8.5x11" 81 Pages The radical Douglas X-3 Stiletto was built primarily of titanium, and was intended to test high speed flight and low-aspect ratio wing design. Initial requirements indicated it would carry the J-46...

    $23.95 $16.95

  • X-4 Bantam Pilot Manual

    8.5x11" 74 Pages Designed without horizontal stabilizers, the X-4 Bantam had a semi-tailless design that bore some resemblance to Germany's Me-163 rocket plane. The small, twin-jet craft relied on combined elevator and...

    $23.95 $16.95

  • XB-70 Valkyrie Pilot Manual

    8.5x11" 404 Pages The XB-70 Valkyrie was an aircraft ahead of its time. Equipped with drooping wingtips, and designed with one of the highest lift-to-drag ratios in aviation history, the XB-70 challenged the known...

    $38.95 $31.95

  • YB-49 Flying Wing Pilot Manual

    8x10" 92 Pages Visionary designer Jack Northrop built a series of experimental "flying wing" aircraft both before and during WWII. One of the most radical designs of the post-war era, the propeller-driven YB-35 bomber's...

    $21.95 $13.95